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An introduction

I have removed the heavy files, introduced to reader more links and basically made this website more like a book titles, idex, references and links.

Sure, a lot of information has been removed. If you want to get some info, please contact me.

Major Categories

Belarusians in Australia - only after WW2 topics, no info about the migration to Australia now. DIY - My workshop, projects, etc.
ARMS - Adelaide Reenacting Military Society. Events info only. Signalling in USSR. Technical OSNAZ.
Sailing the small boats.  


The main language of this website is English. However some info can be written on Belarusian (my native) or Russian (my school language). Главным языком этого сайта является английский. Часть инфoрмации подаётся на белорусском (мой главный) или же на русском (мой школьный).


Lighter design. Better navigation.
Forum like style. No high-resolution photographs.